Urinary tract disease (UTI) in dogs

Does your dog have problems urinating?

It’s possible that some bacteria colonized his urinary tract and bother him. The most common causes are systemic infections, surgeries, use of indwelling catheters, or uropathogens from faecal and cutaneous flora.


+ Dysuria – difficulty on urination

+ Haematuria – Blood in urines

+ Stranguria – Pain on urination

+ Pollakiuria – increased frequency of    urination

+ Periuria – inappropriate urination

+ Urinary incontinence

+ Offensive odour to the urine


Studies show how the administration of actives such as Proanthocyanidins A-PAC and N-acetyl D-glucosamine help getting a rapid resolution of urinary infections: they reduce the ability of pathogens to attack the urinary tract, while keeping intact its natural protections. The addition in Probiotics and Prebiotics, as they improve the bowel regularity and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria vs the pathogens in stools, improves the health of the dog.


CYSTOPRO promotes the quick resolution of dogs UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), improving the defenses of the urinary tract, decreasing the level of bacteria in faeces and reducing the pathogens. It works both on single episode UTIs and on recurrent ones, and it’s effective in the prevention for pets that are to undergo urogenital surgery, catheterization or suffering from neurogenic cystitis.


Capsules can be given whole or pulled apart and sprinkled onto food.


< 20KG 1 capsule daily
20 - 40KG 2 capsules daily
40 - 60KG 3 capsules daily

Give when needed, when the diseases is occurring or to prevent it. Available in pack containing 30 capsules.