Supporting the exocrine pancreatic function

Does your Pet suffer from exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and malabsorption syndrome?

The exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is a syndrome caused by insufficient synthesis and secretion of pancreatic enzymes leading to the maldigestion, diarrhea and weight loss.
The therapy with Pro-Enzorb guarantees the right amount of pancreatic enzymes, vitamin B12 and probiotics to reach the welfare for our pet.


+ Weight loss

+ Loose faeces – voluminous, pale,    malodorous

+ Changes in appetite – polyphagia,    scavenging, coprophagia, pica

+ Flatulence, borborygmi

+ Poor hair coat


The Pro-Enzorb capsules containing micro-pellets which are enterically-coated in order to provide complete protection to the enzymes from the low pH of the stomach allowing them to reach the small intestine, where their digestion action is required:

Lipase – 27.050 Ph.Eur.U. (minimum) Amylase – 22.604 Ph.Eur.U. (minimum) Proteasi – 1.325 Ph.Eur.U. (minimum)

The addition of probiotic (Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663/NCIMB 10415) 4b1707 1x108 CFU/kg) helps the gut beneficial microflora and reduce the level of harmful bacteria; while the content in Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin ) contributes significantly to support the animal health.


Pro-Enzorb is an innovative product able to support the exocrin pancreatic function in Pet. The high content of pancreatic enzymes enterically-coated promotes the proper food digestion.
Furthermore Pro-Enzorb ensures an adequate supplementation of vitamin B12 usually deficient in animals suffering from exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.
Thanks to the addition of probiotics (Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663/NCIMB 10415) 4b1707 1x108 CFU/kg), Pro-Enzorb aim to regulate the intestinal microflora whose equilibrium can be altered in 70% of animals suffering from exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.


Do not administer capsules whole.Capsules should be opened and the contents carefully mixed with food. The total daily amount should be divided equally between feeds.
Add Pro-Enzorb to daily diet for as long as considered necessary or as advised by your veterinary surgeon.


Body weight        Number of capsules per day

< 20 kg                1 capsule
> 20 kg                2 capsules

Available in 60 capsules box.