Chronic digestive upset and colitis.

Does your pet need an additional dietary amount of fiber in its diet?

Dietary fiber perform many beneficial functions on our pets organisms; the supplementation with Pro-Fibre helps the gut transit, reduces appetite, prevents anal glands impactions and promotes the resolution of chronic colitis.


+ Obesity

+ Constipation

+ Bowel irregularity

+ Anal glands impactions

+ Chronic colitis

+ Coprophagia


A pelleted product containing extra dietary fibre to encourage normal hindgut function.
Due to its high dietary fiber content (soluble and insoluble) it promotes the bowel transit, increasing the volume of stools and their water content; the fermentation of soluble fibers (sugarbeet and psyllium) produces energy for enterocytes and gut microflora, while insoluble fibre (cellulose)increase faecal bulk.
The addition of Probiotics (Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663/NCIMB 10415) 4b1707 1x1010 CFU/Kg; 1x107 CFU/Kg) improves the quantity of beneficial bacteria and reduces the pathogenic ones, while the Preplex® prebiotic contributes significantly to the maintenance of a healthy gut microflora. The product is very palatable thanks to the hypoallergenic beef flavor.


PRO-FIBRE can be used in any need of integration of fiber in the diet of your pet. By increasing the volume of stools, it promotes the emptying of anal glands. It helps weight loss, as it improves the insulin response to glycemic index, reduces the energy density of food, slows the gastric emptying, decreases the intestinal passage rate, and through its fermentation in colon produces SCFAs (short chain fatty acids) that enhance satiety. It also inhibits inappropriate behavior such as coprophagia. According to the studies, it’s effective for the resolution of chronic colitis symptoms.


Add PRO-FIBRE to daily diet for as long as considered necessary or as advised by your veterinary surgeon. Available in 500g size with measuring cup.


< 5KG
1/2 cup (5g)
1 cup (10g)
2 cups (20g)
> 35KG
3 cups (30g)