Does your best friend suffer from seborrheic dermatitis?

Shampoo for dogs and cats to be used as adjuvant in the treatment of exfoliative dermatitis with a keratolytic and keratoplasty action.


+ Salicilic acid : improves    hydration in the skin,    decreasing the pH, and has    exfoliating action.

+ Mandelic acid : antioxidant and    exfoliating.

+ Lactobionic acid and    gluconolactone : antioxidant,    exfoliating, regenerating, help    to restore the hydrolipidic film.

+ Allantoin : moisturizing and    restorative for skin, as well as    antioxidant and    anti-inflammatory.

+ Ceramides : lipid ingredients,    that are the fundamental    constituents of the lipid barrier    of epidermis.


The active ingredients of THERASEB make this shampoo very effective for the elimination of dandruff flakes from your pet’s skin, for the maintenance of hydration and for the restoration of skin integrity, thus making the fur healthy and shiny. The presence of Ceramides prevent the exfoliating action to dehydrate the skin.


THERASEB is the ideal treatment for exfoliative dermatitis, characterized by the presence of dandruff flakes with a greasy and inflamed skin.


Wet the coat of the pet, apply a small amount of shampoo and massage for 5/10 minutes, so the shampoo can come into contact with the skin, then rinse thouroughly. The frequency of use may vary from 1 to 3 times a week, depending on the advice of the veterinarian.