Does your pet have a cutaneous infection?

Shampoo and foam for dogs and cats to be used as adjuvant in the treatment of skin infection (pyoderma) and bacterial growth.


+ Clorhexidine 3% : molecule    with bactericidal activity,    normally used in clinical    practice for the treatment of    pyoderma.

+ Ceramides : lipid ingredients,    that are the fundamental    constituents of the lipid barrier    of epidermis.


The 3% concentration of Chlorhexidine is considered effective in all clinical studies and the presence of Ceramides allows to preserve or restore the lipid film surface . The integrity of the epidermal barrier is essential in patients with atopic dermatitis, for which it is important to control the dryness , dehydration and skin irritation .


THERAXIDIN is an adjuvant in the treatment of skin infection (pyoderma) and is great for the management of those pets who develop recurrent pyoderma.


Theraxidin shampoo: Wet the coat of the pet, apply a small amount of shampoo and massage for 5/10 minutes, so the shampoo can come into contact with the skin, then rinse thouroughly. The frequency of use may vary from 1 to 3 times a week, depending on the advice of the veterinarian.

Theraxidin foam: apply generously onto skin and coat evenly or insisting on areas that need treatment, 1-2 times a day as advised by your Veterinarian. Do not rinse.