Does your best friend suffer from otitis externa?

Ear Cleaner for dogs and cats formulated for the prevention and control of external otitis associated with bacteria susceptible to Chlorhexidine, with a gentle exfoliating and protective action of the external ear skin.


+ Clorhexidine 0,2% : molecule    with bactericidal activity,    normally used in clinical    practice for the treatment of    pyoderma; at this concentration    it is not oto-toxic.

+ Salicilic Acid: improves    hydration in the skin,    decreasing the pH, and it has    exfoliating action

+ Citric Acid: this natural acid    acts against the formation of    unpleasant odors and regulates    skin pH

+ Squalane: emollient substance,    with strong skin protective    action as it regenerates the    protective lipid layer and allows    a reduction of water    evaporation from the deep    layers of the epidermis, thus    allowing the restoration of    well-being headset . Effectively    without causing irritation or    sensitization, it is also used in    pediatric products

+ Propylene Glycol: humectant    substance of the skin, allows to    maintain the correct hydration    of the epidermis


The concentration of Chlorhexidine 0,2% is considered effective and not oto-toxic in all clinical trials. Theraxidin ear cleaner combine the delicate antiseptic chlorhexidine actions to the efficient removal of excess earwax due to the action of its active ingredients, while restoring the external ear physiological environment.


Theraxidin ear cleaner is useful for the prevention and control of external otitis.


Apply a good amount of liquid into the ear canal, gently massage the base of the ear for a minute, dry the excess of the product with a gauze with a movement from the inside out cleaning the ear pinna as well. In dogs, the concentration of Chlorhexidine of Theraxidin ear cleaner allows use even in animals with perforated ear drum, but always under control of Veterinarian.
The treatment can be performed once or twice a day until remission of symptoms; as regular cleaning once a week. Always follow the advise of your Veterinarian.

Store below 25°C.